A Season of Gratitude

It feels like the solar eclipse was the unofficial end of summer. Ever since that once-in-a-lifetime event, the temperatures have started to cool off in a hurry. Once the fall chill arrives, it means the holidays are quickly approaching. I look forward to the holiday season because it's a chance to create special memories and engage in family traditions. More importantly ... CONTINUE READING


How Farmers Grow Giant Pumpkins

Forklifts and cranes may be used mainly for construction work, but every fall, thousands of backyard gardeners use them as gardening tools — or rather, harvesting tools — for their largest single crop. Massive pumpkins aren't practical, but they can become a minor tourist attraction in your hometown and even win a few thousand bucks if they're really huge. However ... CONTINUE READING


Trailridge Family Dental's Stars,

Stripes, and Smiles Event

On Friday, Oct. 13, 2017, Trailridge Family Dental celebrated their second annual Stars, Stripes, and Smiles event, a free dental day for veterans and military. Appointments were scheduled, and 34 veterans and military family members received dental treatment. Care was ... CONTINUE READING

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