A Season of generosity

Last year, we had to celebrate Christmas a little later than usual. My daughter Lucy returned home from her mission just after the holiday, so we held off on exchanging gifts until she was with us. I'm so excited to be able to have the entire family around for the big day this year. With our two oldest children at college, having a full house gets rarer every year. That said, it just makes the ... CONTINUE READING


Treats You Can Put on the 'Nice' List

The holiday season is upon us, and everywhere you look, delicious food is on the menu. However, it's not just your waistline that could suffer from overindulgence. Hard candies and carbonated beverages aren't exactly the top items on your teeth's wish list. Even the classic eggnog can do a number on your smile. Luckily, some ... CONTINUE READING


Trick Your Kids Into Healthy Eating

Do your kids get enough nutrients in their diet? If they're like most kids, the answer is probably no. You want your children to eat more vegetables and less processed junk, but that's easier said than done. Getting the average kid to chow down on a ... CONTINUE READING

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