Helping Near and Far

I know it sounds cliché, but one of the main reasons I pursued dentistry was to have the chance to give back and help others. Finding ways to lend a hand within our community and outside it has always been a part of our mission at Trailridge Family ... CONTINUE READING

The 'Smart' Way to Brush Your Teeth

The history of the toothbrush includes some of the most fascinating inventions in dentistry. Starting in 3,000 B.C., the ancient Egyptians constructed brushes from twigs and leaves and inventively used the foliage to clean their chompers. By the 17th century, Europeans brandished a slightly more controversial toothbrush assembled from a sheep's tibia and bristles of boar hair. Because of the off-putting nature of using sticks and bones as tools for oral hygiene, modern inventors have ... CONTINUE READING

give kids a smile day was a huge success

Give Kids a Smile Day was on Feb. 8, 2019. We were able to treat 49 children for a value of $27,114 worth of dentistry. Team members — Heidi, Shanell, Jeanette, Lori, April, Jamie, Julia, Vanessa, Carey, Shiela, Yakelin, Vernena, and Kirsten — volunteered alongside Dr. Stevenson, Dr. Leininger, and Dr. Klure. Alan from Parma Lions Club also volunteered his time and was able to provide 43 ... CONTINUE READING

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