Types of Sports Mouth Guards to Protect Your Kid’s Smile

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Participating in athletic programs is a great building block to instill character in your child as well as a source of pride. Watching your child grow in confidence as they run across the field, or knock out a home run can be exhilarating for a parent. Sometimes, though, injuries happen. Your child could get hit by a pitch, thus breaking or dislodging their precious teeth. This is why it’s important to wear a mouthguard.

For all your dental emergency needs, Dr. Allan Stevenson is here to help you. During your child’s athletic years, be sure to have them wear a mouthguard to protect their teeth from traumatic injuries like broken teeth. Mouthguards come in various styles and quality.

A boil and bite guard is a plastic type of mouth forming guard. Boil and bite guards mold around your child’s teeth after the guard is heated. These can be purchased in sporting good stores and can be ill-fitting if the instructions are not followed precisely.

A lot of websites off pre-formed guards, but these are usually ill-fitting and uncomfortable.

Having a custom made dental guard is always the best option. You can one made for your child at you dentist’s office or in a dental lab. Created just for your child, these guards will offer them the best protection and comfort imaginable.

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