Tricks and Tips to Working Through Dental Anxiety

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If you are struggling with dental anxiety, Drs. Stevenson, Leininger and Klure with Trailridge Family Dental in Parma, ID, are happy to offer you some basic tricks and tips on working through your stress. Our team understands the fears of dentistry, which is why we are happy to help you.

The trick with working through your dental anxiety is first to let your feelings be known. Feel free to talk to the dental staff about your feelings. Let them know what you are concerned about, so they can do what they can to help you with every step of the appointment. Don’t be afraid to ask questions if you have them, so you know exactly what is going to happen.

Another tip or trick you can do to feel safe and comfortable is to work out a system with your dentist. For example, you can raise your hand if you need your dentist to pause for a moment if you need it. Try controlling your breathing and keep your breathing patterns steady. You can also use headphones and listen to calming music or a favorite show on your cell phone if you can.

No matter what you fear or how scared you are to come in, our dental team wants you to know we care for your safety and concerns and are happy to talk to you and help you through your dental anxiety. If you feel ready for a checkup or if you have any questions, please call us today at 208.806.0765 to set up an appointment. We will do everything we can, so you feel safe in our care.