Amalgam or Tooth-Colored Filling?

At the dental office of Trailridge Family Dental in Parma, Idaho, Dr. Stevenson and his team are happy to offer our patients silver amalgam fillings and tooth-colored composite fillings, today’s most common dental fillings, both with advantages. Amalgam Amalgam fillings--also known as silver or mercury fillings--are made of a mixture of silver, tin, copper, zinc and mercury. The small amount... read more »

7 Facts About Dental Sealants

In order to prevent tooth decay, our dentist may place a dental sealant on your teeth to act as a barrier between the tooth enamel and plaque acids. If you are going to receive a dental sealant, then keep reading to learn a little more about them. Dental sealants are placed on the chewing surface of your molars and premolars.... read more »