Old Fort Boise Days Parade 2015

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Trailridge Family Dental can FIX YOUR GRILL!

This year the Old Fort Boise Days theme was “On the Farm,” so we had Dr. Stevenson drive an Allis-Chalmers tractor to pull our Allis-CHOMPERS float! We had a blast and loved every minute throwing candy, t-shirts, and toothbrushes out to the Parma community that we love!

Mrs. Idaho in the Parade

Above: Jeanette, Mrs. Idaho (Dr. Jangula’s beautiful wife), and Selena

Parade 2015 1 001 parade 20152 001Above: Baby Sawyer, Mom Julia, Vernena, and Carey

Below: Ellie and Dr. Stevenson

Parade 20154 001 parade 20159 001Parade 20156 001    Above: Julia and Baby Sawyer

  Below: Jeanette, Heidi, and April with her dog Dexter!parade 201512 001 parade 201513 001 parade 201514 001 parade 201515 001 parade 201516 001 parade 201517 001 Team with float 1

                                                                                  We LOVE our Trailridge team!

Left to Right: Dr. Jangula, Mrs. Idaho Natalie Jangula, Vernena, Sheila, Selena, April and her dog Dexter, Carey, Jeanette, Eliza, Heidi and her dog Bullet, Ellie, Lucy, Dr. Stevenson, and Julia with baby Sawyer