Mouth Jewelry and Your Oral Health

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Are you considering getting a lip or tongue piercing? We understand your desire for self-expression, but before you go through with it, you should be aware of all the risks. Consider the following:

– An oral piercing can cause permanent nerve damage – especially a tongue piercing.

– Mouth jewelry that contains rigid plastic or metal pieces can easily swing around and chip and crack teeth.

– People often find themselves unconsciously playing with their mouth jewelry with their tongue or fingers. This can swing around the pieces and increase the danger of scratching your tooth enamel or gum damage.

– Piercings are controlled open wounds in and around your mouth. This can increase your risk for oral infections, even for very serious infections like hepatitis or endocarditis.

– Due to the size of most mouth jewelry, they are ongoing choking hazards. If your jewelry broke off and you accidentally swallowed it, this could put your life in serious danger.

– Some individuals may be allergic to the metals found in a lip or tongue ring.

– Mouth jewelry can make daily oral hygiene routines more difficult and less effective.

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