How to Cope with a Dental Emergency

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You may know that there are several things you could do if you’d like to be prepared for a dental emergency. Furthermore, if you’re prepared for an emergency, the experience can be easier to deal with. Similarly, you might have heard that some emergencies should be addressed more quickly than others are. Still, do you know what you might be able to do during some common dental emergencies? Naturally, you can—and should—contact our team if you experience an emergency, but there are several general rules you should know about.

For example, have you ever lost one of your pearly whites? Sadly, losing a tooth is a fairly serious issue that could make your smile harder to clean. Missing a tooth might also lead to bad breath and could cause your other teeth to shift. However, would you be surprised to hear that our team might be able to save a lost tooth if you can bring it to our office within thirty minutes? If you’ve lost a tooth, please put your tooth in milk and bring it to our office.

You should also visit our team if one of your teeth breaks. Again, don’t forget that you should please try to bring as much of the tooth as you can to our office. It’s also important for you to store these tooth fragments in milk. Conversely, if you chip one of your teeth, we suggest scheduling an appointment with us, but you might be able to wait a few days safely. Still, please remember to bring the chipped piece of tooth.

If you’d like to learn more about dealing with a dental emergency in Parma, Idaho, we recommend contact Trailridge Family Dental by calling us at 208.806.0765. Our dentist, Dr. Allan Stevenson, and our team will gladly address any concerns you have and help you keep your pearly whites clean. We’re eager to meet with you as soon.