Fun Facts About Dental Bonding

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Are your teeth broken and in need of a tooth restoration repair? Is dental bonding the restoration procedure you have been looking for? Dental bonding can enhance the look of your smile and even correct severe damage that has left the root of the tooth unprotected due to a break in the tooth enamel.

If you do have a cavity, dental bonding can be implemented to fill in the hole for a more aesthetically pleasing look than traditional dental fillings such as dental amalgams. Although amalgams are a wonderful dental filling service, they come with a metallic shine that can be quite visible. Dental bonding treatments can imitate the look and color of natural teeth and blend in seamlessly.

With dental bonding, you can also fix and repair cracks and chips in your teeth that may have previously gone untreated. Dental bonding can correct the appearance of teeth that have been damaged or stained due to foods or bad oral hygiene. If you take safe care of your teeth, a dental bonding treatment can without difficulty last more than a decade.

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