Five Sports You May Not Know Need a Sports Mouth Guard

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The spring or summer months bring a lot of opportunities to play sports, and we encourage you to take steps to protect your smile during this time since these activities can result in oral injury. Below, we have provided a list of five sports that merit the use of a custom sports mouth guard to avoid damage to your smile:

If you ride a road or mountain bike and experience a bad crash, you could knock your teeth against a hard object or the ground face, causing tooth loss and an injured jaw. By wearing a mouth guard, you are taking steps to better protect your smile.

A fall or crash while on your skateboard could result in oral injury if your teeth are vulnerable and not covered by a sports mouth guard.

Volleyball is not a contact sport, but there is the risk of the ball striking your mouth, and a lack of a mouth guard could damage your teeth or your jaw.

Any time a ball is batted or pitched at you, there is a risk of it chipping, cracking, or breaking your tooth if you don’t wear a mouth guard.

Surfing may not seem like an oral threat, but there is the risk of the board hitting your face or you crashing into the ocean floor, but the use of a mouth guard can prevent injury to your smile.

Mouth guards are durable dental appliances that cover the teeth to provide a cushion during sport activities. If you would like to speak with Dr. Allan Stevenson, our dentist, about receiving a custom-made sports mouth guard in Parma, Idaho, contact Trailridge Family Dental at 208.806.0765 today to schedule an appointment.