Don’t Drink These Beverages Often

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We are often aware of the foods we are eating and the impact they have on our teeth. But sometimes we miss a common culprit of tooth problems: the beverages we drink! Here are some beverages to limit in order to keep a bright and healthy smile.

Alcohol: It is good to limit alcohol consumption for a plethora of reasons, but did you know it is also bad for your teeth? Alcohol can dry out your mouth and even reduce saliva production over time. This causes many problems, as saliva is your body’s natural defense against cavity-causing bacteria.

Citrus-Infused Water: Citrus-water may seem harmless, but the extended exposure to acids can cause a lot of problems with your teeth. Drink a lot of plain water, or infuse your water with less acidic fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Try raspberry thyme, blueberry cucumber, or watermelon mint!

Coffee, Tea, and Red Wine:
Coffee, tea, and red wine can all cause damage to your teeth by leaving unsightly stains. If you drink these beverages regularly, consider a professional teeth-whitening treatment at Trailridge Family Dental! This can help remove stains and restore your bright smile. It is also common to add sweeteners to coffee and tea, which can be bad for your teeth.

Water: As you increase your awareness of the beverages you are trying to avoid, be sure to remember to drink a lot of water. This will help wash away the harmful acids and sugars and protect your teeth. Fluoridated water provides even more protection by providing fluoride, which helps strengthen tooth enamel.

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