Dealing with Bruxism

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If you find yourself chronically grinding your teeth, or you wake up in the mornings with a sore jaw and notice that your teeth seem a bit ground down as the months go on, then it’s likely you suffer from bruxism.

Bruxism is just the technical term for grinding your teeth, but it’s still a serious problem. Luckily, our team here at Trailridge Family Dental in Parma, Idaho, has some great tips to help you learn how to deal with bruxism.

How do I stop it?

Sometimes, bruxism is caused by other issues such as stress. If this is the case, reducing your stress can usually help reduce the incidents of grinding your teeth. But not all bruxism can be stopped, which brings up the need for treatment.

Treatment options

Treatment options vary, but one of the most popular ways to deal with bruxism – especially if you grind your teeth while sleeping – is to wear a mouth guard at night. This will prevent your teeth from rubbing against each other, preserving the biting surface of the teeth you need to work diligently to protect.

Treating bruxism isn’t impossible, and dealing with it is fairly simple. For more information, or to see what treatment options fit your needs, call us today at 208.806.0765 to schedule a consultation appointment with Dr. Allan Stevenson.