Combat Teeth Grinding

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Grinding your teeth is not a good thing. It has hugely negative impacts on the structural stability of your teeth, your bite, and ultimately, the health of your teeth themselves.

So if you have problems with grinding your teeth, take a few minutes to look at what Dr. Allan Stevenson recommends you do in order to combat teeth grinding.

Why stop it?

Grinding your teeth has a lot of negative long-term effects, but some of the most prevalent include fracturing your teeth, loosening your teeth, and wearing down the biting surfaces that are critical to tooth alignment and eating.

If you don’t stop tooth grinding, you may end up needing a good portion of your teeth replaced with implants.

How do you stop it?

The most common way to stop bruxism, if it occurs to you during sleep, is to use a mouth guard. This protects your teeth from grinding against each other, preserves their integrity, and helps you maintain the good tooth health you need in order to live a comfortable, pain-free life.

Teeth grinding is definitely not an enjoyable thing to deal with, but it can be fought successfully if you work with Dr. Allan Stevenson on treatment and use a mouth guard.

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