The Benefits to Be Had From Orthodontics

To ensure that your teeth and gums remain in the utmost pristine condition throughout your life, orthodontic care may be required from time to time. To make sure you receive the orthodontic treatments you need, visit our office so that a comprehensive examination can be given to determine which form of orthodontic treatment works best… Read more »

Restore Your Tooth With an Amalgam Dental Filling

Our dentist, Dr. , is proud to offer top-notch dental treatments at office to help each patient have the strong, healthy and top-notch smile and oral health they deserve. One of those treatments offers is amalgam dental fillings. These fillings are also known as silver fillings and they are strong, reliable and long-lasting restorations that… Read more »

Oral Health Care Planning for Oral Emergencies

Oral accidents and injuries can arise at several different times in our life. However just because we suffer dental damage does not mean your mouth is guaranteed to fail you. There are ways to protect and repair your smile even if the worst should come to pass. After an oral emergency, it is crucial to… Read more »

Help Your Teeth With Sugar-Free Gum

Brushing and flossing can help your teeth in the fight against cavities. However, did you know that sugar-free gum can help too? Well, it’s true! Sugar-free gum has many incredible benefits for your oral healthand can protect your teeth from cavities. Our dentist, Dr. with in , , is happy to explain how sugar-free gum… Read more »

A Tooth With a Failing Dental Filling Might Need a Dental Crown

Physical defects and minor cavities that compromise a tooth’s outer enamel layer can often be treated with a simple dental filling. Once the special dental material has been bonded to the surrounding tooth enamel, it will effectively repair the tooth for many years to come. As the years go by, it is possible for oral… Read more »

Tricks and Tips to Working Through Dental Anxiety

If you are struggling with dental anxiety, Drs. Stevenson, Leininger and Klure with Trailridge Family Dental in Parma, ID, are happy to offer you some basic tricks and tips on working through your stress. Our team understands the fears of dentistry, which is why we are happy to help you. The trick with working through… Read more »

Strong Tooth Enamel Is Essential for Healthy Teeth

Human teeth are composed of several distinct layers and structures. The outermost layer of tooth enamel is created from a dense matrix of microscopic mineral crystals. This provides your teeth with the necessary structural integrity to process food, while also protecting the internal structures of your teeth from direct contact with the bacteria that live… Read more »

Five Sports You May Not Know Need a Sports Mouth Guard

The spring or summer months bring a lot of opportunities to play sports, and we encourage you to take steps to protect your smile during this time since these activities can result in oral injury. Below, we have provided a list of five sports that merit the use of a custom sports mouth guard to… Read more »

It’s Never Too Late For a Gorgeous Smile With Dental Veneers

We are pleased to offer the benefit of custom-made dental veneers for patients who are displeased with their smiles. These thin cosmetic shells cover the fronts of your teeth to disguise unwanted cosmetic flaws and provide radiant results. At , our dentist offers porcelain and resin composite material for dental veneers, and will shade them… Read more »

Dental Restorations: Tooth Hazard Treatments

  If you wish for your smile to be effective for the rest of your life, you should always take the time to set forth effective tooth hazard prevention plans and have proper safety equipment to keep your smile safe from any oral accidents or injuries that may arise. You don’t have to guard your… Read more »