It’s Never Too Late For a Gorgeous Smile With Dental Veneers

We are pleased to offer the benefit of custom-made dental veneers for patients who are displeased with their smiles. These thin cosmetic shells cover the fronts of your teeth to disguise unwanted cosmetic flaws and provide radiant results. At , our dentist offers porcelain and resin composite material for dental veneers, and will shade them… Read more »

Dental Restorations: Tooth Hazard Treatments

  If you wish for your smile to be effective for the rest of your life, you should always take the time to set forth effective tooth hazard prevention plans and have proper safety equipment to keep your smile safe from any oral accidents or injuries that may arise. You don’t have to guard your… Read more »

When You Receive Dentures, Your Smile Can Enjoy These Benefits

If you are considering dentures, we are excited to support you as you take the first step in achieving a new smile. Dentures are strong dental appliances that consist of synthetic teeth attached to a pink base to replace your gums and teeth, and it suctions to the roof of your mouth. Dr. invites you… Read more »

Mouth Jewelry and Your Oral Health

Are you considering getting a lip or tongue piercing? We understand your desire for self-expression, but before you go through with it, you should be aware of all the risks. Consider the following: – An oral piercing can cause permanent nerve damage – especially a tongue piercing. – Mouth jewelry that contains rigid plastic or… Read more »

The Why and How of Lumineers®

Here at , Dr. and our wonderful staff are accomplished in the procedure of fitting your teeth with special dental veneers called Lumineers®. If you are thinking of installing dental veneers in your smile, Lumineers are unquestionably your best option. And why is that, exactly? Well, getting traditional veneers mean shaving off quite a bit… Read more »

The Autumn Season Tooth Restoration Finder: Invisalign®

Have you always wanted braces, but you are afraid of the stigma that is attached with metal wires and brackets? Are you afraid of people referring to you as metal mouth? Would you like to easily straighten your smile with a restoration procedure that blends in seamlessly with your natural teeth? If so, consider the… Read more »

Spotting Issues That Arise with Gum Disease

Is your smile ready to tackle the harvest season and all the holiday foods and sweets that come with it? Although your teeth may be in good condition, can you say the same about your gums? One particularly dangerous oral health condition known as gum disease can affect your mouth for many years before you… Read more »

Don’t Drink These Beverages Often

We are often aware of the foods we are eating and the impact they have on our teeth. But sometimes we miss a common culprit of tooth problems: the beverages we drink! Here are some beverages to limit in order to keep a bright and healthy smile. Alcohol: It is good to limit alcohol consumption… Read more »

Some Information About Mouth Sores

You awaken in a cold sweat after a dream that you lost the Jeopardy jackpot because you’re unfamiliar with the final Jeopardy category: mouth sores. We’ve all been there. (Okay, maybe we haven’t. If you have, please talk to us about a job in dentistry.) Never fear: we’ve got some answers for you! We assembled… Read more »

A Previously Repaired Tooth That Develops a New Cavity Might Need a Dental Crown

A dental filling can often be used to repair a tooth with a minor fracture or a small cavity. If you struggle to maintain good oral hygiene habits you might suffer a new cavity on the previously repaired tooth. When this happens there might not be sufficient healthy tooth enamel remaining for Dr. to repair… Read more »