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Chewing Ice. True, ice contains no sugar and will not contribute to cavities and plaque in your teeth, but when it comes to chewing on hard substances, ice can cause a lot of damage to your teeth. Crunching on ice makes your teeth vulnerable to a dental emergency. Remember that ice is for chilling, not chewing.

Citrus Fruits. Fruits provide necessary nutrients to your diet, but keep an eye on your citrus intake. A constant intake of highly acidic fruits such as lemons can wear down enamel and make your teeth susceptible to decay over time. Although a squeeze of citrus fruit can transform a glass of water into a fun drink, it’s not always the best for your oral health.

gumdropsSticky Foods. Sticky foods are your mouth’s worst nightmare. Dried fruits and other sticky snacks contribute to decay and tooth damage due to the fact that they linger in the mouth longer than other foods. Be sure to brush and floss carefully after eating sticky snacks.

Potato Chips. Everyone enjoys the delightful crunch of a potato chip. Just take caution in the amount of starch that can get caught in your teeth. Enjoy these munchies in moderation and be wary of starch buildup that could be detrimental to your healthy smile.

Soda. When you have a habit of drinking sugary beverages, bacteria use that sugar to produce acids that attack your enamel. Also, most carbonated drinks are acidic, which in turn can be damaging to your teeth. In addition, colas and caffeinated beverages often contribute to dry mouth. Try to limit your consumption of pop and remember to drink plenty of water throughout your day.

Alcohol. Choosing to drink alcoholic beverages often causes dehydration and dry mouth. Individuals that drink excessively will often see a reduction in their saliva flow, which can lead to other oral problems over time, such as plaque buildup and gum disease. Heavy alcohol use also increases your chances of contracting oral cancer.

Sports and Energy Drinks. They sound healthy, but most often, sports and energy drinks contain large amounts of sugar. While this sugar can be helpful to athletes engaged in long, vigorous physical activity, sports drinkssports drinks are typically unnecessary. Be aware of the amount of sugar in your beverage choices by checking the label. Remember that water is always an unquestionably healthy choice.